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The Value Trade Between Pharmacies and Diagnostic Providers

In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, pharmacies are exploring innovative ways to enhance patient care, create seamless healthcare experiences, and increase revenue. One exciting opportunity for achieving these goals is through partnerships with diagnostic providers. 
Our webinar, Unlocking New Revenue Streams: Partnering with Diagnostic Providers examines how joining forces with labs could revolutionize the pharmacy industry. 

During the webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Why pharmacies should consider partnering with diagnostic providers  
  • How collaboration between pharmacies and diagnostic providers can help close gaps in care
  • The role labs play in pharmacy strategic planning 
Join us for an inside look at the intersection where pharmacy and diagnostic meet.

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Kyle Fetter

Chief Operating Officer, XiFin


David_Pope_round_bio_400px web
David Pope

Chief Pharmacy Officer, XiFin


James York

Chief Commercial Officer, Molecular Testing Labs